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NeuroLinx's OpenWorm Project featured on National Public Radio (NPR) San Diego affiliate KPBS.



Liberating Discovery:

The NeuroLinx Research Institute (NRI) is a pioneer in the open science movement that provides a venue for neuroscience researchers, educators and communities to combine skills and resources. We believe that innovations in funding structures and organizational strategies are required to expedite innovation in science and technology.

NRI liberates the discovery process by creating unique collaborations, linking diverse scientific data, and funding high-risk but potentially high-reward research projects.


Donations can be made to the general fund (this pool of money will be allocated as needed by the Directors), or donors may designate which projects they wish to sponsor.

NeuroLinx accepts donations by check via mail (click here for mailing address), Paypal or credit cards.

And it’s easy!

Simply click on the Donate button on the left sidebar to begin! Specify the amount of your donation on the form.

On the final donation review page, click on the blue words "Add special instructions to the seller" in order to designate your favorite project(s).

NeuroLinx thanks you for your support!

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