Neurolinx Research Institute Directors


Jay S Coggan, PhD

President, Founder (Neuroscience, Computational Modeling)   Lara_NRI_picture

Lara M Rangel, PhD

University of California, San Diego Vice President (Neuroscience, In vivo Electrophysiology, Education and Outreach)     Kovacs_Picture

Ildiko K Kovacs, MD

University of California, San Diego, CA Board Member, Co-founder (Psychiatry, Clinical Trials)     Chiba_picture

Andrea A Chiba, PhD

University of California, San Diego, CA Board Member (Cognitive Neuroscience, Education and Outreach)     yasar1

Sevil Yasar, MD, PhD

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Board Member (Gerontology, Dementia Specialist)     nri_logo_web_picture

Zoltan Fodor, PhD

Bergische Universit├Ąt Wuppertal, Germany Board Member (Physics, Mathematics, Computational Modeling, Supercomputer Applications)     nri_logo_web_picture

Sergey Purnyn, PhD

Private Consultant Board Member (Neuroscience, Physics, Mathematics, Information Systems)     Past Board Members:   klyachko1

Vitaly Klyachko, PhD

Washington University, St. Louis, MO One of original Founding Board Members (Neuroscience, Computational Modeling)