Neurolinx Research Institute Directors


Jay S Coggan, PhD

President, Founder (Neuroscience, Computational Modeling)
Dr. Jay S. Coggan founded the NeuroLinx Research Institute as a way to liberate the scientific discovery process from traditional government and academic funding mechanisms that are typically laborious, inefficient and self-defeating due to inconsistency, lack of vision and cronyism. The current system rewards entrenched ideas that yield marginal or incremental advances in an ecosystem that fears risk and hamstrings innovation. Although we acknowledge that significant advances have been made with this approach, we make the point that so much more could have and still could be done with a different and complimentary way of supporting research. In neuroscience in particular, humanity suffers greatly for a lack of cures for many devastating brain disorders including the ever expanding epidemic of senile dementias.


Lara M Rangel, PhD

University of California, San Diego Vice President (Neuroscience, In vivo Electrophysiology, Education and Outreach)

Ildiko K Kovacs, MD

University of California, San Diego, CA Board Member, Co-founder (Psychiatry, Clinical Trials)

Andrea A Chiba, PhD

University of California, San Diego, CA Board Member (Cognitive Neuroscience, Education and Outreach)

Sevil Yasar, MD, PhD

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Board Member (Gerontology, Dementia Specialist)

Zoltan Fodor, PhD

Bergische Universit├Ąt Wuppertal, Germany Board Member (Physics, Mathematics, Computational Modeling, Supercomputer Applications)

Sergey Purnyn, PhD

Private Consultant Board Member (Neuroscience, Physics, Mathematics, Information Systems)
    Past Board Members:

Vitaly Klyachko, PhD

Washington University, St. Louis, MO. One of original Founding Board Members (Neuroscience, Computational Modeling)