Check out these amazing Brain Awareness videos and vote on your favorite!


The Society for Neuroscience recently hosted a video contest for inspiring educational videos that promote brain awareness. The winners are available on YouTube:

First Place: Leigha Phillips, affiliated with Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, with Helen Tang and Lily Benedict, for the video Vision and Illusion.

Second Place: Alison Caldwell, graduate student at University of California: San Diego, and Micah Caldwell for the video Three Lesions, Three Lives.

Third Place: Vania Cao, application scientist, for the video Brainbows – Mixing Colors to Map the Brain

Best Song: Michael Stendardi, student at theCity University of New York, for the video Neuroscience Minds

Until September 30th, we can all vote for the video we think should win the People’s Choice Award category! Vote for the two best videos here.