About NRI

Who we are

NeuroLinx Research Institute (NRI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research institute that began operations in 2011. Our mission is to conduct neuroscience research within a new framework of open scientific collaboration. We believe that innovations in funding structures and organizational strategies are required to expedite innovation in science and technology. Our method is to liberate the discovery process by funding novel, high-risk but potentially high-reward research projects, as well as supporting individual scientists conducting promising but underfunded research. NeuroLinx has been a pioneer in the open science movement that provides a venue to accelerate progress with creative and bold initiatives. Please help us with your tax-deductible donation.

Why we exist

The NeuroLinx Research Institute (NRI) was founded in the belief that there is a better way to fund and organize cutting-edge research. Decades of incremental low-risk research programs have yielded steady but limited progress, vast amounts of data, and fragmented information. Few actual cures or treatments for neurological disorders have been realized. In addition to the obvious cost in human suffering, the world faces a staggering financial burden to treat these diseases. The time has come to make strategic leaps and bounds in progress and to develop new strategies to bring effective treatments to the clinic. There is an underfunded need to synthesize understanding and explore radical ideas. NeuroLinx was founded to meet that need.

The NeuroLinx Structure and Philosophy

The NeuroLinx Research Institute offers a non-profit, institutional platform through which researchers can write grants, seek donations or other alternative sources of funding with low overhead. Learn about creating a new project within the institute here. Last but not least, we aim to broaden our concept of a neuroscience community to one that includes not just scientists, but also clinicians, patients, educators, students, and the general public on a global scale.