Remote Dolphin EEG

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A collaboration between Neurolinx Research Institute, Cognionics, Inc., and the National Marine Mammal Foundation has developed a non-invasive method for studying brain function in one of the most intelligent non-human mammals in the world: the dolphin.

In this project, we have brought together a team of researchers including marine biologists, engineers, and neuroscientists to develop a method for recording brain wave activity (electroencephalograms or EEGs) in dolphins while they are swimming freely, awake or asleep. In addition to helping us better understand how the brain activity of the dolphin contributes to its unique intelligence, this project will also allow us to identify similarities and differences in the way that dolphins process information with respect to other species, including humans.

This extraordinary, multidisciplinary and collaborative effort is lead by Dr. Sam Ridgway of the National Marine Mammal Foundation in collaboration with Dr. Mike Chi of Cognionics, Inc.

Click here to learn more about our partners at the National Marine Mammal Foundation.

The Dolphin Brain Project Participants:

    Sam Ridgway, DVM, PhD

      National Marine Mammal Foundation

      US Navy

    Dorian Houser, PhD

      National Marine Mammal Foundation

      US Navy

    James Finneran

      Navy Marine Mammal Program

      US Navy

    Mike Chi, PhD

      Cognionics, Inc

    Jay S Coggan, PhD

      Neurolinx Research Institute

    Nadine Dugum

      NeuroLinx Research Institute University of California, San Diego

Prelimminary research is based on volunteer work.