OpenWormLogo copy We are seeking new funding to continue this project. The OpenWorm Project aims to create the world’s first completely virtual multi-cellular organism. The Caenorhabditis elegans roundworm (C. Elegans), established as a model organism system by Dr. Sydney Brenner, is useful for wide ranging purposes due to its experimental accessibility and extensively studied biological functions and systems at multiple scales. This extraordinary, multidisciplinary and collaborative effort is lead by Dr. Stephen D. Larson. The rapidly growing team includes researchers from the United States, the European Union, the Russian Federation, China and other countries. Click here to learn more and to view our research in progress. The OpenWorm Core Team: Stephen D. Larson, Project Leader (US) Giovanni Idili (EU) Matteo Cantarelli (EU) Andrey Palyanov (Russia) Sergey Khayrulin (Russia) Tim Busbice (US) Alexander Dibert Padraig Gleeson Mike Vella Contributors: Andrew Leifer Christian Grove (US) David Dalrymple (US) Gleb Kuznetsov Mei Zhen Balazs Szigeti John Hurliman Rich Stoner John White Steven White Dmitar Shterionov Jinze Yu Marius Buibas These dedicated scientists are currently working as volunteers.